Rev. Emmanuel O. S. Okereke is the Founder and Presiding Bishop of the Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry, DIVINE POWER PENTECOSTAL CHAPEL INC., a.k.a, True Shepherd Assembly, with the headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.
A graduate of Pentecostal International Bible School (PIBS), Lagos, Nigeria, he is a highly sought after inspirational Preacher, a diligent Teacher, a pragmatic Mentor, a charismatic Speaker, a versatile Counselor and an accomplished Trainer, prolific writer and distinguished Life Coach with a unique grace and unction in Prophetic and deliverance ministry.

Though Rev. Okereke started life as a career Banker with the Central Bank of
Nigeria, where he meritoriously served for 21 years before voluntarily retiring to the call of his ministry, with the passionate of vision of preparing a people worthy and ready for the second coming or our Lord Jesus. This he is achieving by great influence and impaction, raising a people of integrity, commitment and faithfulness through training, that shall empower their generation for Christ.

He resides in Lagos, where he presides over the ministry and ministers to a retinue of people from all walks of life, that come daily for counseling and his International Outreach, traversing different countries of the world, demonstrating power in the word and his rare gift of prophecy and deliverance. His famous books amongst others include, Christian Moral Values, When it is No You, Be a Man but Act like a Child.

Rev Emmanuel O. S. Okereke has raised men and women, through the grace of God in his life from grass to grace, in every sphere and endeavours of life, spiritually, economically, educationally, politically in virtually all the countries of the world. He has a ministerial NGO that carters for the down trodden, less privilege, the needy, the widows and widowers, orphans and miscreants, offering food, clothing, utensils, appliances, shelter, settlement of apprentices and granting scholarships to indigent pupils and students.

He is happily married to Pastor (Mrs.) Phina Okereke and their divine union is blessed with 4 lovely and godly children, Godfrey, Sylvia, Esther and Godswill.


God had met me a number of times, saying ‘I am going to serve Him’ even when I was just a little boy at the age of 6years and to almost 12years. Each time I was in the church (Presbyterian, a predominant denomination in my village then, having hailed from Amuvi Village, Arochukwu in Arochukwu L.G.A. in Abia) with my father, I would see a vision of myself as a fully grown man, wearing suit and tie and preaching at the altar. And out of fear, I could not discuss this with anybody.
Then, this continued to the extent that I noticed, what an ordinary child cannot do, I was able to do them with ease and was achieving results and this made people to start noticing me in my village, market men and women wanted me to touch their goods before setting out for sales. And to my uttermost surprise, they returned before noon having sold all their stocks.


In April 1991, while working with Central Bank of Nigeria, and having just been transferred from Kano to Ilorin, Kwara State, one cool afternoon at about 12:45pm, I was working on my table as usual, (then I was in charge of the banking ledger) posting the ledger and suddenly, I saw a dazzling light coming from outside into the banking hall, as it was coming, I thought everyone else saw it, but when I looked up, no one acted as if there was anything spectacular or amazing happening.
I wondered why I was the only one seeing that spectacular sight, and as a result, fear came upon me like bandits and suddenly, I noticed a pillar of fire standing before me and before I could fathom what was happening, that same pillar, swiftly started coming closer and I then resolved in my mind, if that pillar came closer than it was towards me, I would so scream to attract people’s attention before the unprecedented happens, since I could not comprehend the whole scenario.
Fortunately, it seemed the pillar heard me and stopped immediately, then it called my name three times and said

this day I give you a ministry and the name shall be called DIVINE POWER PENTECOSTAL CHAPEL

I immediately wrote it down, as I have not started any ministry but was just having fellowship with the brethren in my house then.
I continued holding fellowship in my sitting room because I have become fully aware that the grace and unction upon me was much, though I have not been exposed to the word so much.