I want to return all the glory to God for saving me from the hand of my wicked boss who wanted me to lose my Job.
I am a crew working with one of the airlines in Nigeria. I was to operate just Lagos to Phc and back to Lagos. Meanwhile my baby wasn’t feeling too well but I knew I could leave her, operate the flight seeing it was just one leg and come back to take care of my baby. Upon arrival I was advised to continue to Abuja, I took permission from the captain to allow me go home because my baby was sick and he obliged me.
The next day, my boss gave me a query, which I replied. She went further to step me down for one month and recommended for my demotion or sack. I was so afraid of losing my Job and ran to my Daddy in the Lord and told him all that happened. As I knelt before him in his office, he looked at me and asked me to place my hands on his knees and he decreed a word, that because I am his daughter, none of those my bosses’ recommendation will work, I believed him and I left.
The following week I got to the office and several meetings were held concerning the matter after few weeks, it was decided that my boss recommendation was too strong and only warning letter which expires after 6 months be given to me that I have never committed any offense before.
My boss was to be one of the signatories to this warning letter but she bluntly refused to append her signature on it because her recommendation was overruled. Unknown to me, she was given the warning letter to give to me but she sat on it. It was until I visited the HR that she shamefully gave it to me. I want to bless the God of Divine power who didn’t allow the desire of my boss to come to pass over my Job. May His name alone be praised. Sis U.C.O